Dina Radenkovic on the Root Cause of Gender Inequality

Our interviewee today holds that female reproductive aging, or ovarian aging, is accelerated compared to other organs and that it has a deep impact both on the lives and health of women and on our society as a whole.

Tesla is preparing to launch Model Y with puzzling 279-mile range

According to a new filing with the EPA, Tesla is preparing to launch a new version of the Model Y with a puzzling range of 279 miles and an AWD powertrain.

Why the US scrapped Polish plans to give Ukraine fighter jets

NATO countries have to weigh military assistance to Ukraine carefully, against the risks of antagonizing Russia.

Russia asked China for military and economic aid for Ukraine war, U.S. officials say

Moscow was eyeing help from Beijing to help counteract the battering its economy has taken from broad sanctions imposed by the U.S., European and Asian nations.

No, that isn’t a Thundercats reference in Turning Red (but it sure feels like one)

Director Domee Shi explains Turning Reds anime influences, why the movies sword feels so much like Thundercats Sword of Omens, and how 2D overlays gave the films big finale a classic anime look.

The Batman Holds Strong at Box Office in Its Second Week

Well, it looks like audiences are loving Matt Reeves' The Batman. The 3-hour superhero epic dropped just 51% in its second weekend.

How to watch Killing Eve Season 4, Episode 3 online from anywhere

The new season of the gripping BBC series has begun. Here's how you can watch the final episodes online and without cable, no matter where you are.

Shanghai Slows Down to Curb COVID-19 Spread

The city of 24 million has shut schools and entertainment venues and placed thousands in quarantine as it scrambles to contain its worst virus outbreak.

iMore Show 787: Everything that happened at the Apple event

The iMore show brings you everything you need to know about the week in iPhone, iPad, Watch, TV, Mac, and Apple! {.intro} This week on the iMore Show, we talk about everything Apple announced at its spring event!

To build a healthy workplace, you need a toxic culture alarm

Organizations of the past lacked a way to measure when a workplace grew toxic. New design thinking can helpbut only by including the most marginalized.

5 Myths About Dada Deconstructed

How to distinguish between truth and false? The fact from the legend? To clear up any confusion, here are 5 myths about Dada deconstructed.

Zelensky says it's "only a matter of time before Russian missiles fall" on NATO territory

Russia's military has escalated its assault on western Ukraine.

Which Coronavirus Vaccine Will Work in the Youngest Children?

Moderna is going head-to-head with Pfizer-BioNTech for the opportunity to vaccinate the youngest children, the only Americans still not eligible for shots.

Study finds more work PCs are finally ready to receive the Windows 11 upgrade

News, Reviews & Betas which includes large community peer support

Foxconn halts production as Shenzhen goes into lockdown

Foxconn and other manufacturers are suspending operations in the Chinese tech hub of Shenzhen after authorities announced a partial lockdown. Shanghai, the most populous city in the country, is also enacting new restrictions from today.

Foxconn halts iPhone factory operations in China due to COVID lockdown

Foxconn, one of Apple's suppliers, has halted operations in Shenzhen, China, due to a lockdown following a new COVID-19 outbreak.

The Modi government took credit for the Pesochin evacuation done by educational firms

On March 1, an Indian medical student was killed in Pesochin.

Gradle 7.4 Introduces Aggregated Test Reports

Gradle has released version 7.4 of their open-source build automation tool that allows developers to create aggregated test and Jacoco coverage HTML reports.

Unshorten - reveal short URLs — Reveal what's hidden behind short URLs

Unshorten helps to expand and check short URLs (links). It will reveal the real destination behind shortened URLs.

vivo X Fold appears in hands-on photos

The folding display exhibits no visible crease.

Lenovo unveils new ThinkPad X13 laptops with options for Intel or AMD

Lenovo just announced third-generation refreshes of the ThinkPad X13 and ThinkPad X13 Yoga. The laptops feature a long list of security features and the latest internals from Intel or AMD.

Why It’s Almost Impossible to Lose Anything in Japan

Japan's lost and found system is legendarily good -- millions of items are turned into local police stations by residents every year and most of those items make their way back to their owners (unless it's a cheap umbr

Vultr taps AMD’s EPYC CPUs for cloud services

Vultr announced a new line of higher-performance cloud computing options based upon AMDs EPYC line of chips.

Experimental Film Captures Crystallization in High-Res 8K

Photographer Thomas Blanchard has captured the unstable mixture of water and sodium acetate in super high-resolution 8K.

Congress gives DoD more money for space, with caveats

Defense appropriators in the 2022 spending bill added nearly $1.3 billion for U.S. Space Force and Space Development Agency programs above what the Biden administration requested.



Google TV showcases the watchlist of Chloé Zhao, director of Nomadland and Eternals [Video]

Google TV is showcasing the watchlist of award-winning director Chloé Zhao, best known for Nomadland and Marvel's Eternals.

Edison Mail gains new customizations and spam-blocking swipe gestures

Edison Mail now lets people edit the bottom bar to put their most-used buttons there, while the same update also makes it easier for people to mark emails as spam as well as block the sender for good.

How to get your hands on Level 9 loot in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 has a current level cap of 9 and getting weapons and gear at that level isn't exactly straightforward. Here's what you need to know to get the best and strongest loot in the game.

OnePlus 9RT gets a new OxygenOS update, but no need to get excited

OxygenOS 11_A.06 offers no new features, but instead, you get system stability improvements and optimization to the proximity sensor performance to improve the calling experience.

New Sims 4 update gives neighbors more free will, potential accidental deaths

Neighborhood Stories is a new feature in The Sims 4, and Maxis has expanded on it with a new free update that was released on Tuesday.

ESPN+ now lets you watch live sports with friends over FaceTime

ESPN+ is the latest streaming service to add SharePlay support to its platform. With that, subscribers can watch live sports with friends over FaceTime.

Senate passes bill to make Daylight Saving Time permanent

"No more dark afternoons in the winter. No more losing an hour of sleep every spring," said Sen. Patty Murray.

Best wireless earbuds for the Samsung Galaxy S22 in {year}

There's no 3.5mm headphone jack on the Galaxy S22 series, so check out our picks for the best wireless earbuds for Samsung's phone.

Realme exec hints at a second Realme GT Neo3 version with 80W charging

Instead of the 150W charging that was demoed on video. The two different versions will also have different battery capacities as well.

Android app deals of the day: Star Vikings Forever, OXXO, Lucid Launcher Pro, more

It is now time for Tuesdays best Android game and app deals courtesy of Google Play. Our software offers are joined by price drops on Lenovos Duet 5 OLED Chromebook and Samsungs Galaxy Watch 4, but for now its all about the apps.

Tesla Insurance looks to expand in two more states, underwriting itself for the first time

Tesla Insurance is about to expand in two more states, Oregon and Virginia, and the company will underwrite the policies itself for the first time.

Fantastic Beasts 3 Featurette Spotlights a Band of Outsiders

Warner Bros. Pictures has revealed a brand new Fantastic Beasts 3 featurette for its highly-anticipated action fantasy film.

DoD estimates $2.5 billion price tag for global constellation to track hypersonic missiles

A $550 million congressional add-on in 2022 would only be a down payment to kickstart the deployment of a 28-satellite constellation of infrared space sensors in low Earth orbit

Google Chronicle adds ‘context-aware’ cyber threat detection

The Google Chronicle security analytics service, a part of Google Cloud, is now adding "context-aware" detection of cyber threats.

Google News for Android gets redesign scrapping top five stories

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Japan to ban exports of nearly 300 items to Russia and Belarus

The embargo on exports of 266 products, such as chips and communication equipment, and 26 technologies, including design programs for chip-making machines, will take effect Friday.

Microsoft will reveal ‘the future of hybrid work’ with Windows 11 on April 5th

Windows chief product officer Panos Panay is inviting us to check out a Microsoft event on April 5th thats all about the hybrid workplace.

Architecture’s most prestigious prize honors the genius of sustainable buildings in Africa

Diébédo Francis Kéré is the first African to receive the "Nobel Prize of architecture."

How Shackleton’s Endurance Was Found

Gents, I want to introduce you to the Endurance. More than a century after sinking in Antarctic waters, the legendary ship was found with just days to spare.

Crazy Echo Auto deal adds Alexa to any car for just $19.99

Echo Auto deal on Amazon slashes your price to just $19.99 instead of $50. Add hands-free Alexa to any car in just one minute flat!

Government watchdog questions Eli Lilly's campaign contributions

A government watchdog group issued a letter to Eli Lilly questioning the companys campaign contributions to lawmakers who have downplayed or voted against the investigation of last years attack on the Capitol. In response to the Jan.

A Demo of Pockit, a Tiny, Powerful, Modular Computer

Admission time: it's been a long time since I considered myself any sort of gadget nerd, but I have to tell you that I watched much of this demo of Pockit with my jaw on the floor and my hand on my credit card.

Is It Time for Second Boosters Yet?

The effects of the first one may be fading. When will it be time for seniors to re-up?

War in Ukraine Does Not Diminish NATO's Need to Act on Climate, Report Says

Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.

Experimental Film Captures Crystallization in High-Res 8K

Photographer Thomas Blanchard has captured the unstable mixture of water and sodium acetate in super high-resolution 8K.